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4/1/2020 11:19:34 AM
Drywall Installer
 Employer     : Builden Construction Ltd
 From         :
 City         : Surrey Job type:  Career
 Region       : BC Hours   :  Full-Time
 Country      : CA Duration:  Permanent
 Deadline     : 4/2/2021
 Education    : High school Experience:  2 to 4 years  
 Salary       : $25.00
 Description  : Builden Construction Ltd. (Corporate Office Address: 9274 Monkland Place, Surrey BC, V3V 6M4) is looking for 2 Permanent & Full time (30hrs/week) Drywall Installers.
Salary: $25.00/hr and 30hrs/week.
Skill and qualification requirements: Completion of secondary school is required.Completion of a 3 or 4 year apprenticeship program in dry walling or a combination of over three years of work experience and some high school, college or industry course in dry walling is required.
Language Requirement: There is no specific language required to perform this job.
• Install and finish drywall sheets.
• Measure, cut and fit drywall sheets for installation on walls and ceilings.
• Trims rough edges from wallboard to maintain even joints, using knife.
• Position and secure sheets to metal or wooden studs or joists.
• Fits and fastens wallboard or sheetrock into specified position, using hand tools, portable power tools, or adhesive.
• Measures and marks cutting lines on framing, drywall, and trim, using tape measure, straightedge or square, and marking devices.
• Installs blanket insulation between studs and tacks plastic moisture barrier over insulation.
• Fill joints, nail indentations, holes and cracks with joint compound using trowel and broad knife.
• Removes plaster, drywall, or paneling, using crowbar and hammer.
• Assembles and installs metal framing and decorative trim for windows, doorways, and vents etc.

To Apply: please send your resumes by-
Fax: 604 597 2332
Mail: 9274 Monkland Place, Surrey BC, V3V 6M4
   web site
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(Email address:
Fax: 604-597-2332


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