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5/22/2020 3:07:26 PM
Data Administrator
 Employer     : SavvyPro Edu Inc.
 From         :
 City         : Toronto Job type:  Career
 Region       : ON Hours   :  Full-Time
 Country      : CA Duration:  Permanent
 Deadline     : 8/31/2020
 Education    : University or above Experience:  Not required  
 Salary       : 74100
 Description  : Name of Company: SavvyPro Edu Inc.
Location: 720 Spadina Avenue, Unit 315, Toronto, ON, M5S 2T9

Job Title: Data Administrator (NOC 2172)

Job Duties & Responsibilities:

* Design and develop database by collecting customers’ and other departments’ requirements to improve our ERP system and LMS platform.
* Work closely with the DevOps engineering team to actively maintain the health and performance of our MongoDB database for our ERP system.
* Analyze query logs from different database systems to identify potential speed bottleneck, and provide systematic methods for optimization.
* Design, build and maintain ETL processes to sync our ERP data into SQL database for our business analyst team to create informative dashboard for business metrics.
* Document database design through data modeling (e.g. Entity-Relationship Diagram), review design to ensure optimized data environments.
* Understand database security models and best practices, and ensure these are implemented and monitored to secure our data.
* Develop automated scripts to create system backups and perform any necessary migrations on schedule.
* Regularly monitor, update and tune our database system configurations to provide 24x7 uptime and availability in high volume environment loads.
* Be responsible for all the data collected and deliver results to business operation and marketing team
* Individually design and manage data-based project using project management software, involving design planning phase, development phase and implementation phase.

Language of work: English

Terms of employment: Permanent Full-time Position
Salary: CAD$74,100/year ($47.50 per hour for 30 hours a week)
Location of work: Toronto, Ontario
Skills requirements:
* Education: Bachelor’s Degree or higher in Mathematics, Statistics or related fields
* Knowledge of using data analytics/visualization/BI tools: (1) SQL (2) Tableau
* Knowledge of Management System: (1) Data warehouse (2) MS access (3) MS SQL Server (4)MySQL
* Knowledge of programming languages: (1) Visual C++/MFC (2) Visual Basic (3) SQL (4) Python(5)Object-oriented programming languages
(6) Object-C (7) Java (8) C++ (9) C
* Proficient in data analyzing software: (1) R (2) SAS (3) Python (4) Excel-VBA
* Ability to work on various operating systems: (1) Windows (2) Mac (3) Linux (4) Android
* Computer and Technology knowledge in: (1) Networking software: UniFi Network Controller (2) Networking security: UniFi Security
Gateway (3) Internet (4) Servers (5) Desktop Application (6) File Management software (7) Word processing software (8) Presentation
software (9) Project management software: Teambition, Jira. (10) Mapping Data visualization Software: Metabase (11) Database software:
MySQL, MongoDB, ElasticSearch, Redis (12) Data analysis software: Python, Metabase
* Work independently as well as with others, such as IT, operation department.
* Work conditions and physical capabilities: (1) Manage a high volume of work (2) Meet tight timelines (3) Fast-pace environment (4) Attention
to details (5) perform well under pressure.
* Personal Suitability: (1) Well Organized (2) Interpersonal skills (3) Team player (4) Excellent written communication (5) Accurate (6) Excellent
oral communication (7) Problem-solving skills (8) Reasoned decision-making (9) Sound judgment (10) Ability to maintain confidentiality.

Contact information:

Contact person: Rachel Miao
Phone number: 437-244-4946
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