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1/14/2022 4:57:55 PM
Operations Analysis Supervisor
Employer : First Choice Beverage Inc.
  City : Mississauga Job type :  Career
  Region : ON Hours :  Full-Time
  Country : CA Duration :  Permanent
  Deadline : 11/14/2022
  Education : University or above Experience :  5 years or above  
  Salary : $90,000 per year
  Description :  
About First Choice Beverage Inc.

First Choice Beverage’s mission is simple: to be the premier co-packer of choice for the juice and dairy alternative beverage industry.

We offer a myriad of co-packing services to our brands. From research and development of the next bestselling beverage, to sourcing for organic suppliers and high quality, farm-fresh ingredients, First Choice Beverage is the premier co-packer of choice for Canada’s top brands.

Today, First Choice Beverage is the only juice plant in Canada that supplies both low acid (dairy, oats, nuts and soy) and high acid (juice) beverage products to Canadian markets. We bring to Canadians many of their favourite healthy drinks, including So Nice Almond Beverages, So Good Soy Beverages, Minute Maid Orange Juice, Simply Orange Juice, and many others. Our products are trusted and sold by the most established grocers in the country, including Loblaws, Sobey’s, Walmart, and Costco.

We are looking to hire for an Operations Analysis Supervisor.

Operations Analysis Supervisor job description:

1. Serves as the primary lead for all of First Choice Beverage’s operations and supply chain planning needs
2. Manages operations and supply chain analysis and ensures ingredient procurement, production scheduling, inventory planning and efficiency goals are met
3. Ensures operations and other analysis are conducted with a comprehensive and holistic view of impact factors, such as fluctuating procurement and logistics costs, vendor performance, shipment schedules and any possible logistics delays, available production capacity and personnel resources, and product market demand
4. Heads all analysis and optimization efforts for supply to grocery chains, ensures optimal stock level planning to avoid either overstocks or backorders
5. Analyzes sales data and market trends for First Choice Beverage’s products, in particular our products in large-scale Chinese grocery chains, and suggests tactics to increase sales and new product lines likely to succeed in Chinese supermarkets
6. Captures First Choice Beverage’s advantages and unique value propositions in company info and data for client RFPs, mainly for Chinese supermarket store brands
7. Collects and utilizes quantitative data to track operations processes and supply chain performance, propose improvement and address any deficiencies
8. Supervises the supply chain analysis team and monitors team performance KPIs
9. Develops frameworks and tools to improve analysis accuracy and timeliness
10. Oversees the entire operation process and maximizes efficiencies, including in purchasing and sourcing, logistics, production, inventory management, demand and supply management, sales and distribution, and internal operations management
11. Evaluates the risks and opportunities faced by First Choice Beverage in its operations cycle
12. Anticipates and plans for short-term and long-term operations management, market planning and supply chain-related strategies
13. Provides regular reports on operations and supply chain processes and interfaces with other department leaders to resolve issues and inadequacies
14. Proposes and leads operations and supply chain process optimization projects.

This position reports to the Operations Manager, and is offered with a salary of $90,000 per year with extended health and dental insurance benefits. Normal working hours are 40 hours per week. The work location is at 265 Courtneypark Drive East, Mississauga, Ontario, L5T 2T6.

Operations Analysis Supervisor job qualifications:

In order to excel at this position, we are looking for the following:

• Graduate degree in business administration, management, statistics, economics, or other relevant field
• Minimum of five (5) or more years of experience in operations management, business planning, processes optimization or supply chain analysis
• Exceptionally strong analytical skills, able to interpret complex data sets into information relevant to decision-making
• Demonstrated performance in utilizing data-driven models to optimize operation processes
• Able to transform data figures into easily understandable and communicable points of action
• Familiar with the vendor supply process for mass market grocery chains, especially Chinese grocery chains
• Skilled in logical thinking, problem identification and resolution, and process efficiency optimization
• Able to use data analysis and planning software

If you are interested, please contact with your resume.

Thank you for your attention.
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