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11/24/2022 3:34:20 PM
Marketing Specialist
Employer : Vi Weekly
  City : Victoria Job type :  Career
  Region : BC Hours :  Full-Time
  Country : CA Duration :  Permanent
  Deadline : 2/22/2023
  Education : University or above Experience :  2 to 4 years  
  Salary : $31.50/ hour
  Description :  
Job Description:
Salary: $31.50/hour
Job Type: Full time, permanent
Start Date: As soon as possible
Language: English

Company Profile:
Vi Weekly is a social media company serving Vancouver Island since 2016 and serving islanders to access information in multi-media formats from the web and mobile devices and share their interest to friends and acquaintances.
Vi Weekly is an online media company provider with a branded network of localized platforms targeting local news in Victoria. Moreover, We have our own Wechat public account.

Location: 1095 Mckenzie Ave Suite 300, Victoria, BC V8P 2L5

Job Duties:

1.Grow, qualify, and prioritize the lead pipeline for Vi Weekly; Evaluate service characteristics, establish objectives and methods for advertising, and executing approved programs as required;
2.Provide suggestions on advertising or promotion strategies plans for clients;
3.Create and implement direct multichannel marketing campaigns, provide electronic platform advertising campaign;
4.Prepare reports to analyze the marketing and advertising achievement post campaign;
5.Create and manage social media accounts, including reviews, comments, and recommendations;
6.Design, implement and evaluate public relations strategies and direct multichannel communications activities to introduce Vi Weekly to society, including both internal teams, external partners and clients;
7.Investigate the opinions and attitudes of the people, collect, analyze and develop reports of public opinion to determine the target audience, the marketing trends, and concerns for Vi Weekly;
8.Oversee and prepare reports, maintenance, updates and other marketing materials of Vi Weekly;
9.Plan and conduct various kinds of activities and meetings for increasing influence and charitable purposes;
10.Sponsor, keep in contact, and maintain friendly relationships with the media.
11.Build and maintain networking with social media on various platforms;
12.Organize interviews and press conferences, and answer questions as the representative of Vi Weekly;
13.Coordinate promotions and advertising events for both internal teams and external partners to increase marketing share;
14.Oversee and prepare the content of reports and newspaper;
15.Represent and act for skilled or individuals with specific professional expertise;

Job Qualifications:

a.A Bachelor’s degree is required.
b.At least 3 years of marketing experience is required.
c.Able to work in a fast-paced, corporate environment, while multitasking priorities within deadlines.
d.Extremely organized and detail-oriented.
e.Critical thinker and a self-initiated quick learner.

How to apply:

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