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10/12/2017 2:13:49 PM
In-Home Caregiver (Home-Care Worker)
 Employer     : Alice Lazarian
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 City         : Vancouver Job type:  Career
 Region       : BC Hours   :  Full-Time
 Country      : CA Duration:  Permanent
 Deadline     : 2/9/2018
 Education    : High school Experience:  Not required  
 Salary       : $ 17.50 hourly
 Description  : Available position: 1

Provide elderly client with personal care under the general direction of a family member.
Main duties include:
• Administer bedsides and personal care such as bathing, personal hygiene, dressing and undressing
• Plan and prepare meal independently or with employer, and may serve meals
• Provide elderly with companionship and personal care in client’s home under general direction of employer
• May perform routine/light housekeeping duties such as laundry, washing dishes and making beds
• Assist taking medications
• Accompany senior to and from medical appointments, grocery shopping, errands, and other appointments
• Maintain a safe and healthy environment in the home
Optional accommodation is available at no charge on a live-in basis. Note: This is not a condition of employment
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