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7/16/2019 11:33:34 PM
Translation Coordinator
 Employer     : Not listed
 From         :
 City         : Tokyo, Japan Job type:  Career
 Region       : AB Hours   :  Full-Time
 Country      : CA Duration:  Permanent
 Deadline     : 9/30/2019
 Education    : University or above Experience:  2 to 4 years  
 Salary       : Negotiable
 Description  : Position Open: Translation Coordinator

Job Type: Permanent Placement

Job Location: Osaka/Japan

Target Nationality: Mexico

Job Purpose:
Managing translation and DTP projects related to Mexico on time and at high quality.
We are looking for someone who can do proofreading of English ? Mexican Spanish documents: to do so, the candidates must be native users of Mexican Spanish.
Also, the position requires negotiation with overseas vendors.
Communication and negotiation skills, as well as English skill, will be necessary.

• Composing quotes
• Management of translation and DTP projects (Process planning, proofreading, delivery and so on)
• Vendor management, assigning translators, involving negotiation with overseas companies,
(Occasionally) Assisting recruitment job

General Requirements:
• A native user of Mexican Spanish
• Japanese - business level (above N2)
• English - business level
• Graduated from Local 4 years colleges in Mexico.
• 3 years’ experience in the real world

• Management experience
• Negotiation experience
Work Hours:
9:00 - 18:00 (1-hour lunch break)

How to Apply:
Please send your CV to:
   web site
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