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8/13/2019 4:44:46 PM
Financial Manager
 Employer     : Neptune Restaurant Group
 From         :
 City         : Richmond Job type:  Career
 Region       : BC Hours   :  Full-Time
 Country      : CA Duration:  Permanent
 Deadline     : 11/30/2019
 Education    : University or above Experience:  5 years or above  
 Salary       : $38.5/hour
 Description  : Job Title: Financial Manager
Job Type: Full-time, Permanent
Salary: $38.5/hour
Working Hours: 40 hours/week
Work Location: 200-5771 No. 3 Road, Richmond, BC. V6X 2C9

Company Information:

Neptune Restaurant Group has a number of popular and well-known catering brands including Neptune Seafood Restaurant, Neptune Wonton Noodle, Neptune Chinese Kitchen, Ryuu Japanese Kitchen, Neptune Barbecue House, Neptune Express, Neptune Club and so forth. With tremendous passion and dedication in culinary arts, we are committed in showcasing the finest Chinese Cuisine in a warm, authentic and elegant atmosphere in all of our catering locations throughout BC.


1.Take charge of our company’s financial operations, direct and manage the auditing process of all ongoing and future projects;
2.Design and update of all our restaurants’ internal auditing policies and procedures in accordance to provincial and federal regulations;
3.Supervise the preparation of auditing statement summaries for all financial aspects of our company including target budgets, actual spending, and reconciliation of balance sheet;
4.Collect reports from staff members involving the results of all evaluations we conduct to form a comprehensive presentation for the upper management; recommend the necessary adjustments for a more optimized financial situation;
5.Oversee the performance of our audit risk model when it is implemented and make proper upgrades according to the variance between the calculated results and actual numbers;
6.Lead the hiring practice for future financial staff members and provide needed orientation for them;
7.Supervise and control the production of all financial related document to comply with Canadian tax codes and provincial statutory regulation; collect, sort and save all final documents.

1.At least a bachelor’s degree in business administration, economics, or related major is required;
2.At least five years of auditing experience is required;
3.A recognized accounting designation(CPA,CMA,CIA etc.) is an asset;
4.Strong communication and interpersonal skills to consult team;
5.Strong skills in Microsoft Office Suite is mandatory, familiarity with major accounting tools is preferred.

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