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8/21/2019 3:52:19 PM
Liberty Law Corporation is looking for an Administration Officer:
 Employer     : Liberty Law Corporation
 From         :
 City         : Abbotsford Job type:  Career
 Region       : BC Hours   :  Full-Time
 Country      : CA Duration:  Permanent
 Deadline     : 8/1/2020
 Education    : High school Experience:  2 to 4 years  
 Salary       : $23.00 Hourly
 Description  : Salary: $23.00/ hour
Job Type: Full Time/ Permanent
Language: English
Experience: At least 2-3 years of experience in similar or relevant field, managing various office activities. The Administration Officer will be responsible for looking after various administration activities and co-ordinating with other staff members & ensure that relevant procedures are followed at all times

Start date of employment: As soon as Possible
Minimum Education: Secondary School Education

Positions Available: 01
Job Title: Administration Officer

Job Location: 106-33119 South Fraser Way, Abbotsford, BC V2S 2B1

Key Responsibilities:
- Responsible for administering various office procedures and ensure smooth workflow is maintained
- Allocate work priorities to legal assistants and ensure all relevant office procedures are followed
- Ensure that deadlines are met and documents are filed correctly, also ensure that the documents received are date stamped as per the guidelines
- Review and ensure that all relevant procedures are followed and details are entered in the system pertaining to all clients and matters
- Ensure that proper office supplies are maintained and computer systems, printers etc. are in working order. Contact the office or IT maintenance contractors as and when required
- Maintain and manage financial records like expense reports, lawyers expenses, travel expenses, office expenses and other business expenses etc. and ensure that they have been entered in the system by bookkeeper
- Coordinate with bookkeepers and firm’s accountant(s) in order to ensure that the accounting remains in compliance with the guidelines of Law Society of British Columbia and CRA
- Analyze key office expenses and make appropriate recommendations related to budget optimization
- Prepare office budget and review the same with lawyers
- Prepare detailed and meaningful reports with respect to financials, office management and relevant procedures. List any breach of procedures reported earlier
- Draft various letters and prepare legal documents as per instructions
- Ensure all correspondence pertaining to clients’ files are organized and filed following the established office procedures
- Review documents and correspondence in order to ensure compliance with legal procedures
- Endure that appropriate documents and information has been collected from clients’ and is filed as per office procedures
- Provide training to new hires on office procedures and computer systems

This is a full-time and permanent job position with benefits as per company’s policy.
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